Student Exchange Programmes

Physics and Applied Physics majors have the opportunity to attend exchange programmes with our partner universities in Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. These exchanges enrich the university learning experience by allowing students to better understand different cultures and lifestyles, and gain new friends.

Courses read during the exchange can count toward your degree (but see below for restrictions). Final Year Projects may also be performed during exchange, subject to the availability and agreement of a research supervisor at the host university (this must be pre-arranged well in advance).


Course Mapping Guidelines

NTU Physics courses can only be mapped to exchange courses at the same level or higher. For example, a Year 3 cosmology course at NTU can be mapped to a Year 4 or Master’s cosmology course read during exchange, whereas a Year 4 course at NTU cannot be mapped to a Year 3 course read during exchange.

The following NTU courses cannot be mapped to exchange courses:

Additional restrictions on course mapping:

  • For students admitted in 2020 and before, a maximum of one NTU PH4XXX course can be mapped to an exchange course. For students admitted in 2021 and after, PH4XXX courses can only be mapped to exchange courses as BDE, unless the exchange course is a graduate-level course, and a maximum of two exchange courses can be mapped as MPE.
  • PH4507 (Topics in Physics) or PH4604 (Topics in Applied Physics) can be mapped to any Year 4 (or higher) physics course read during exchange.
  • Only one NTU Physics lab course (Year 2 or higher) can be mapped to an equivalent standalone lab course (Year 2 or higher) read during exchange. It cannot be mapped to a theory course containing a lab component.
  • NTU courses taken as BDE can be mapped to exchange courses.

How To Apply

Visit the GEM Explorer page for information about full-semester exchange programmes, the available partner universities, and application procedures. Note that overseas FYPs must be taken as full-semester courses.

Visit the Gem Discoverer page for information about shorter exchange programmes. These include exchange programmes during the Special Terms (summer vacation).

If you are a student at SPMS with inquiries about eligibility, study plans during exchange, and other matters, please contact the SPMS Undergraduate Studies team for assistance. For prospective students with inquiries about the student exchange programme, please click here.