PHMS (Matric Yr 2020)

BSc in Physics and Mathematical Sciences (Double Major)

Curriculum (Matriculation Year 2020)


Course TypeAU
Core Courses
13 AU of common core courses, 37 AU of core Physics courses, and 37 AU of core Mathematics courses.
87 AU
Prescribed Electives
  • 16 AU of Physics courses, with at least two PH4XXX courses (including ​PH4421 if chosen).
  • 16 AU of Mathematics courses, with at least two MH4XXX courses (including MH4900 if chosen).
  • Students must do a Final Year Project: either ​PH4421 (Physics) or MH4900 (Mathematical Sciences).
  • A grade of A- or better in Final Year Project is required to be eligible for Honours (Highest Distinction).
32 AU
GER Core18 AU
GER Prescribed Electives
3 AU from Business and Management category, and 3 AU from Liberal Arts category.
6 AU
Unrestricted Electives6 AU
Total149 AU

Core Courses

Year 1
PH1104 - Mechanics3 AUSem 1
PH1105 - Optics, Vibrations and Waves3 AUSem 1
PH1198 - Physics Lab Ia2 AUSem 1
MH1100 - Calculus I (Common Core)4 AUSem 1
MH1200 - Linear Algebra I4 AUSem 1
MH1300 - Foundations of Mathematics4 AUSem 1
HW0001 - Introduction to Academic Communication​
(for students who have not passed or been exempted from the Qualifying English Test. Such students may take HW0128 after HW0001.)
0 AUSem 1
PH1106 - Electricity and Magnetism3 AUSem 2
PH1107 - Relativity and Quantum Physics3 AUSem 2
MH1101 - Calculus II4 AUSem 2
MH1201 - Linear Algebra II4 AUSem 2
MH1403 - Algorithms and Computing3 AUSem 2
Year 2
PH2103 - Thermal Physics4 AUSem 1
PH2198 - Physics Lab IIa2 AUSem 1
MH2100 - Calculus III (Common Core)4 AUSem 1
MH2200 - Groups and Symmetries3 AUSem 1
MH2500 - Probability and Introduction to Statistics4 AUSem 1
MH2801 - Complex Methods for the Sciences (Common Core)3 AUSem 1
PH2101 - Quantum Mechanics I3 AUSem 2
PH2102 - Electromagnetism4 AUSem 2
PH2199 - Physics Lab IIb2 AUSem 2
MH3100 - Real Analysis I4 AUSem 2
MH3200 - Abstract Algebra I3 AUSem 2
Year 3
PH3101 - Quantum Mechanics II4 AUSem 1
PH3201 - Statistical Mechanics4 AUSem 2
MH3600 - Knots and Surfaces: Introduction to Topology4 AUSem 2
Year 4
PH4511 - Seminar in Mathematical Physics (Common Core)2 AUSem 2

Prescribed Electives (PEs)

  • Read at least 16 AU of Physics PEs and 16 AU of Mathematics PEs.
  • Must read either ​PH4421 (Physics FYP) or MH4900 (Mathematics FYP).
  • At least two Physics PEs (possibly including ​PH4421) must be PH4XXX level.
  • At least two Mathematics PEs (possibly including MH4900) must be MH4XXX level.

Physics Prescribed Electives

PH2104 - Analytical Mechanics4 AU
PH3401 - Atomic Physics4 AU
PH3403 - Astrophysics and Cosmology4 AU
PH3404 - Physics of Classical and Quantum Information3 AU
PH3406 - Open Quantum Systems4 AU
PH3501 - Fluid Mechanics4 AU
PH3502 - Chaotic Dynamical Systems4 AU
PH4401 - Quantum Mechanics III4 AU
PH4402 - Condensed Matter Physics II4 AU
PH4403 - Surfaces and Interfaces4 AU
PH4404 - Nanoscale Physics3 AU
PH4408 - Nuclear Physics3 AU
PH4409 - Quantum Electronics4 AU
PH4410 - Econophysics3 AU
PH4411 - Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics3 AU
PH4414 - Introduction to Spintronics3 AU
PH4418 - Physics in the Industry4 AU
PH4419 - Computational Physics4 AU
PH4501 - Statistical Mechanics II4 AU
PH4502 - Atmospheric Physics4 AU
PH4506 - Electrodynamics4 AU
PH4507 - Topics in Physics3 AU
PH4508 - Introduction to General Relativity3 AU
PH4509 - Quantum Field Theory with applications in Condensed Matter Physics4 AU
PH4510 - Topics in Physics II3 AU
PH4421 - Final Year Project10 AU

Mathematics Prescribed Electives

MH1301 - Discrete Mathematics4 AU
MH3210 - Number Theory4 AU
MH3300 - Graph Theory4 AU
MH3400 - Algorithms for the Real World4 AU
MH3510 - Regression Analysis4 AU
MH3511 - Data Analysis with Computer3 AU
MH3512 - Stochastic Processes4 AU
MH3520 - Mathematics of Deep Learning4 AU
MH3700 - Numerical Analysis I3 AU
MH3701 - Basic Optimization4 AU
MH4100 - Real Analysis II4 AU
MH4110 - Partial Differential Equations4 AU
MH4200 - Abstract Algebra II4 AU
MH4300 - Combinatorics4 AU
MH4301 - Set Theory and Logic4 AU
MH4302 - Theory of Computing4 AU
MH4310 - Coding Theory4 AU
MH4311 - Cryptography4 AU
MH4320 - Computational Economics4 AU
MH4500 - Time Series Analysis4 AU
MH4501 - Multivariate Analysis4 AU
MH4510 - Statistical Learning and Data Mining4 AU
MH4511 - Sampling & Survey4 AU
MH4512 - Clinical Trials4 AU
MH4513 - Survival Analysis4 AU
MH4514 - Financial Mathematics4 AU
MH4515 - Applied Bayesian Statistics4 AU
MH4516 - Applied Categorical Data Analysis4 AU
MH4517 - Data Applications in Natural Sciences4 AU
MH4600 - Algebraic Topology4 AU
MH4601 - Differential Geometry4 AU
MH4700 - Numerical Analysis II4 AU
MH4701 - Mathematical Programming4 AU
MH4702 - Probabilistic Methods in OR4 AU
MH4900 - Final Year Project8 AU