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Undergraduate Studies

Phone: (65) 6513 8459

Graduate Studies (by Research)

Phone: (65) 6513 8463

MSc Programmes (by Coursework)

MSc in Chemical Sciences & Instrumentation:
MSc in Analytics:​​
MSc in Financial Technology:
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Student Welfare

Phone: (65) 6513 8462

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Phone: (65) 6513 7462

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Communications & Publicity

Phone: (65) 6513 8459

Alumni Affairs

Phone: (65) 6908 3389

Division Contacts

Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Final Year Projects: Assoc. Prof. So Cheuk Wai and Ms Janice Koo
Internships: Assoc. Prof. Richard Webster
Exchange Programmes: Asst. Prof. Mihaiela Stuparu, Ms Eve Ng, and Ms Hoe Lee Hwee

Mathematical Sciences

Pure Mathematics track coordinator: Assoc. Prof. James Andrew Kricker
Applied Mathematics track coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Hoang Viet Ha
Statistics track coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Xiang Liming
Business Analytics track coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Pan Guangming
MAEO and MAEC programme coordinator: Asst. Prof. Bei Xiaohui
MACS programme coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Wu Hongjun
MAFI programme coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Nicolas Privault

Physics and Applied Physics

Final Year Project coordinator: Asst. Prof. Timothy Liew


School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
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Phone: (65) 6513 8459
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