Published on 06 Feb 2024

Researchers from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice speak at two different events

Researchers from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), Dr Alwyn Vwen Yen Lee, Education Research Scientist, Dr Katherine Guangji Yuan, Education Research Scientist, Dr Teo Chew Lee, Senior Education Research Scientist, and Dr Ong Kian Keong Aloysius, Research Fellow, were invited to speak at the 31st International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE) in Matsue, Japan, held from 4 to 8 December 2023. The team shared their work titled “Epistemic Network Analysis to assess collaborative engagement in Knowledge Building discourse”, which explores the little understanding on the role of verbal discussions to support Knowledge Building (KB) discourse by assessing student engagement in KB discourse supported by both online and verbal discussions.

Dr Lee, Dr Teo and Dr Ong also shared their work titled “A Step toward Characterizing Student Collaboration in Online Knowledge Building Environments with Machine Learning”, which explores the multimodal approach of data collection and analysis by conducting a proposed conceptual analytical framework that can characterize constructs of collaborative activities in a KB classroom using machine learning methods.

On 1 December 2023, Dr Teo was also invited to speak at the Cambridge CARES 10th Anniversary Scientific Showcase held in the Shaw Foundation Alumni House, NUS alongside the team from the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition (CLIC)