Published on 27 Feb 2024

Publication by A/P Vahid Aryadoust and colleagues receives the 2022 Best Article Award from the International Language Testing Association (ILTA)

A/P Vahid Aryadoust and colleague’s article published in Language Testing has received The ILTA Best Article Award from the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) in February 2024. This is a prestigious award that is given annually for the article that makes a significant contribution to the field of language testing. Below is the citation prepared by the Award Committee about the contribution of the paper to the field of language assessment:

This groundbreaking study meticulously investigated the cognitive processes involved in different presentation formats of listening assessments, utilizing eye-tracking and neuroimaging data. Grounded in Sweller’s cognitive load theory, the authors articulated and tested a set of hypotheses regarding the differential cognitive load imposed by while-listening vs. post-listening performance formats. Employing a rigorous study design that integrates eye-tracking and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging, the study offers compelling empirical evidence on how test presentation methods affect cognitive load and listening test performance. This innovative approach not only advances our understanding of cognitive load theory in the context of language assessment but also pioneers the use of such techniques for validity research in language assessment. The authors present the complex study design and findings in a comprehensive way and suggest both theoretical and practical implications for test design and validity. We commend the authors for their rigorous research and contribution to enhancing our knowledge of the effects of listening assessment methods on cognitive load and performance.

Article: Aryadoust, V., Foo, S., & Ng, L. Y. (2022). What can gaze behaviors, neuroimaging data, and test scores tell us about test method effects and cognitive load in listening assessments? Language Testing, 39(1), 56-89.

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