Published on 16 Nov 2023

Our heartiest congratulations to NIE faculty members listed among the top 2% scientists by Stanford University 2023

S/N Academic Group

(by alphabetical order of surname)

Field of Expertise
1 PCHD Prof Ang Pei-Hui, Rebecca Developmental & Child Psychology
2 PESS Assoc Prof Chow Jia Yi Sport Sciences
3 ELL Prof Christine Goh Languages & Linguistics
4PCLAsst Prof Heng Tang TangEducation
5 ELL Prof Icy Lee Languages & Linguistics
6NSSE Prof Kwek Leong Chuan General Physics
7PCHD Assoc Prof Gregory Arief D Liem Education
8ELLAssoc Prof Victor Lim FeiLanguages & Linguistics
9HSSE Asst Prof Edward Park Geological & Geomatics Engineering
10NSSE Prof Rajdeep Singh Rawat Applied Physics
11NSSE Dr Tan Lik Tong Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
12ELL Assoc Prof Vahid Aryadoust Languages & Linguistics
13LSA Assoc Prof Wang Qiyun Education
14OER Dr Wong Lung Hsiang Education
15HSSE Asst Prof Yang Peidong Education