Published on 04 Nov 2022

NIE faculty members publish four research articles in a special issue of the Mathematics Education Research Journal

NIE faculty members from the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group (MME AG), Assoc Prof Leong Yew Hoong, Asst Prof Choy Ban Heng, Dr Joseph Yeo Boon Wooi, Assoc Prof Toh Tin Lam, and Prof Berinderjeet Kaur, have published four research articles in a special issue of the Mathematics Education Research Journal titled “Teachers as designers of instructional tasks”. The articles are:

  1. Overlaps and shifts of instructional goals in the design of a set of mathematics tasks, which presented a case study on a secondary mathematics teacher and her design of a set of instructional tasks in the context of proportional reasoning.
  2. Instructional materials as a site to study teachers′ planning and learning, which argued and supported through a case study that the instructional materials teachers designed on their own are suitable as records of their planning and learning when developed alongside professional development, against the backdrop of reports that teachers’ use of curriculum materials are commonplace.
  3. Teachers' instructional goals and their alignment to the school mathematics curriculum: A case study of the calculus instructional material from a Singapore pre-university institution, which presented a case study that showed the effort that Singapore pre-university teachers put in to prepare an instructional material to engage their students in problem-solving, as well as use technology to develop higher order thinking or enhance conceptual understanding.
  4. A 'stimulus-based interview' approach to illuminate teachers' orientations and resources related to task selection and modification, where it attempted to understand teachers’ selection and modification of mathematical tasks for their classroom instruction on a deeper level through interviews.