Published on 11 Jan 2023

Exciting update to Prof Chang Chew Hung's important book on climate change education!

Climate change is complex. There is therefore a need to educate our future generations so that they are better equipped to evaluate  the plethora of information that they may come into contact with. This book inquires into what it means to teach and learn about climate change.

Now in its second edition, Chang critically examines what public education for climate change entails, particularly with respect to the concept of climate change education (CCE). Featuring updated literature in a quickly advancing field, the book defines CCE for the global citizen and attends to CCE-informed. The book also identifies teachers as key stakeholders in climate change education. As such, it highlights ways to improve teacher readiness on the topic while expounding on how teacher professional development can support the successful implementation of CCE.

This book will be invaluable to climate change educators and can act as a reference resource for teachers, education policymakers and public education agencies.

Exciting update to Prof Chang Chew Hung’s important book on climate change education! Find out more here!