Published on 03 Apr 2024

Dr Khor Ean Teng co-publishes a journal article in the Education Sciences journal

Dr Khor Ean Teng, Education Research Scientist from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), co-wrote a journal article titled “A Systematic Review of the Role of Learning Analytics in Supporting Personalized Learning” in the 1st issue of the Education Sciences journal, Volume 14. The article reports findings on how Learning Analytics (LA) can be leveraged to support personalised learning. The challenges encountered in supporting personalised learning through LA were also discussed. The findings revealed that LA could enable personalised learning primarily in two ways: extracted analytics and embedded analytics, as well as offered insights using extracted analytics to direct teacher intervention at the individual, group, classroom, and structural levels. It was also found that LA can automatically adapt learning for students under embedded analytics by gathering feedback, evaluating and categorising students who share comparable profiles, and establishing a feedback loop for ongoing customisation. However, it is recommended to combine LA insights with teacher observations for better student motivation and engagement. The prominent challenges of LA in supporting personalised learning were the accuracy of insights, opportunity costs, and concerns of fairness and privacy.