Published on 02 Apr 2024

Dr Alwyn Vwen Yen Lee publishes a journal article in the Asia Pacific Journal of Education

Dr Alwyn Vwen Yen Lee, Education Research Scientist from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), wrote a journal article titled “Staying Ahead with Generative Artificial Intelligence for Learning: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities with 5Ts and 3Rs” in the 1st issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Volume 44. The article explores the existing contributions to identify a list of five common themes (5Ts) and various uses of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for improving students learning and future education research, with three “R” guidelines (3Rs) proposed to aid educators and students to stay ahead of the curve in addressing challenges and embracing opportunities arising from the use of generative AI for learning.