Published on 25 Mar 2022

Asst Prof Lim Fei Victor Publishes and Presents on Multimodality and Digital Literacy

Asst Prof Lim Fei Victor, from NIE’s  English Language and Literature Academic Group (ELL), was invited to present on, and has published three journal articles, a research vignette and a commentary piece on multimodality and digital literacy.

Asst Prof Lim’s journal publications are:

  1. A Metalanguage for Learning: Rebalancing the Cognitive with the Socio-Material” in Frontiers in Communication;
  2. Learning in digital play: A dual case study of video gamers’ independent play” in Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning; and
  3. Considerations on the curation of educational apps for digital play and learning” in Contemporary Educational Technology

The research vignette was contributed to the book Beyond the Visual, by Frank Serafini, which surveys contemporary approaches to researching a wide range of visual and multimodal phenomena. Asst Prof Lim also had a commentary piece on “Digital learning: Mediating the social divide in children’s digital media experiences” published in the Yayasan MENDAKI Policy Digest 2021.

On 25 January 2022, Asst Prof Lim was invited by the English Language Institute of Singapore, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Ministry of Education, Singapore, as a panelist for their Zonal Learning Session on multimodality. And on 25 February, Asst Prof Lim presented at the Multimodality Talk Series organised by the University of London, University of Leeds and Stockholm University, on “What can Multimodality Offer for Education?”

These publications and presentations were based on research findings from Asst Prof Lim’s projects on “Integrating Multiliteracies into the English Language Classroom: Developing an Instructional Approach to Teach Multimodal Literacy (Critical Viewing and Effective Representing of Multimodal Texts)” and “Multimodality and Pedagogy (MaP): A Systematic Review”.