Published on 04 Mar 2024

Dr Wong Lung Hsiang delivers two seminars on AI and Blended Learning and is recognised as a key scholar

On 26 January 2024, Dr Wong Lung Hsiang, Senior Education Research Scientist and the co-Programme Director of the Learning Sciences and Innovation Research Programme at the Centre of Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), was invited to speak in two different seminars at the Seminars on AI and Blended Learning, organised by The Education University of Hong Kong. He delivered his first seminar titled, “Re-sculpting post-pandemic learning landscapes: The seamless ballet of blended learning” which explores the opportunities and challenges within the educational shift due to COVID-19 from a researcher’s viewpoint.

In his second seminar titled, “Generative AI and the pedagogical symphony: The potential of interweaving teaching, learning and formative assessment”, Dr Wong navigates the potential of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) and unravels the dynamics of a pedagogical symphony by exploring how Gen AI instigates alternative assessments and examines the intricacies of authentic assessments.

Based on a recent bibliometric analysis of studies on technology-supported learning environments, Dr Wong has been identified as one of the three representative scholars. The analysis, conducted by five scholars based in China and recently published in the Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning, examined 272 articles selected from 4515 on-topic journal papers published between 2002-2022 using academic-quality-oriented inclusion criteria. Through a core research strength analysis, his body of work on seamless language learning environments was recognised as one of the three key research teams worldwide. This recognition places him alongside Chair Professor Hwang Gwo-Jen of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, known for ubiquitous learning environment research, and Distinguished Professor James C. Lester of North Carolina State University, recognised for game-based learning environment research.

Furthermore, Dr Wong's relevant research projects have resulted in a total of eight SSCI-indexed journal papers and four Best/Outstanding Paper Awards at various international conferences. He was also identified as one of the three top-cited researchers in the seamless learning field in an earlier bibliometric analysis in 2022