Published on 15 Oct 2021

Dr Teo Chew Lee and Assoc Prof Tan Seng Chee Publish in the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology

Dr Teo Chew Lee, Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, and Assoc Prof Tan Seng Chee, Assoc Dean (Graduate Education by Research) at the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning and Assoc Prof at the Learning Sciences and Assessment Academic Group, NIE, have published a paper in the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology.

The article, titled “Pedagogical Transformation and Teacher Learning for Knowledge Building: Turning COVID-19 Challenges into Opportunities” was also co-authored by Prof Carol Chan, Honorary Professor and Research Leader at the Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences in Hong Kong University. It reports on a Knowledge-Building Community (KBC) effort connecting teachers within and across schools for knowledge creation and community building during the COVID-19 disruptions. Three case examples were analysed, and they show that in these disruptive times, the teachers were more actively building new practices supported by the community dynamics and systemic processes of the KBC.

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