Wan Boo Sow Bahasa Prize

The Wan Boo Sow “雲茂潮” Bahasa Prize is established in 2020. The aim of the Prize is to encourage the study of basic Malay language amongst Singaporean and Malaysian students, whose mother tongue is not Malay. This is to promote greater interaction in Singapore, as a multi-lingual society, and in the immediate region of ASEAN, where Malay is widely used.

Four categories of prizes shall be awarded in each Academic Year. The number of awards are subject to the availability of distributable income from the donated endowed Fund. 

CategoryModule CodeModule TitleAmount per award
1LM9001​Malay Language Level 1​$200
2LM9002​Malay Language Level 2$300
3LM9003​Malay Language Level 3$400
4LM9101​Malay Language (Medical)$300


The University has the rights to replace the module(s) should the above code structure is no longer relevant.

The Prize will be awarded to undergraduate students who have met the following criteria:​

  • ​​​​​​Major or second major in Chinese, or minor in Chinese, Chinese Translation or Chinese Creative Writing; and have read any level of the Malay language modules offered by the Centre for Modern Languages are eligible.
  • Citizens of Singapore or Malaysia, including Malaysians who take up Singapore citizenship or permanent residency. Singapore citizens must be born in Singapore and/or are Singaporeans-at-birth and male applicants must have completed full-time National Service. Award recipients are required to submit a copy of the birth certificate and NS certificate, if applicable.
  • Obtain no less than a grade C (or equivalent) for the Malay module. Awards will be made based on higher marks scored for the relevant module, and more than one prize may be awarded for each category, subject to a maximum of 16 prizes across the different categories.

The Prize shall be administered by the School of Humanities and awarded on the recommendation of the Chair, School of Humanities.

No award shall be made unless there are candidates of sufficient merit.

A Gift Purpose Report will be provided to the Donor annually, detailing the use of donated funds and progress made in the fulfilment of the Gift Purpose.