Current Course Offering

AY2023-2024 SEM 1

Course Code and Title                  ​Lecturer
BA ​​Year 4 & Year 3 Chinese​​
HC3043 Chinese Ecological Thoughts and PhilosophyChu Kiu-wai
HC4010 Classical Chinese Literary Theory Yan Shoucheng
HC4016 Comparative Literature Studies: Theory and Practice Zhang Songjian
HC4019 Chinese Literary Canon and Images of Art I Lo-fen
HC4030 Modern Chinese Intellectuals and Political MovementChang Yuan
HC4059 Chinese-English Contrastive Linguistics Lin Jingxia
HC4062 Special Topics in the Studies of Ethnic Chinese Yeo Min Hui
HC4064 History and Issues: Transcultural Chinese Theatre in Singapore Quah Sy Ren
HC4065 Overseas Chinese in United States Ong Soon Keong
BA Year 2 Chinese
HC2004 Directed Readings of Literary Works: Yuan, Ming and Qing I Lo-fen
HC3003 Southeast Asian Chinese Ong Soon Keong
HC2018 Book Culture, Chinese Print History, and Technology Kwan Sze Pui Uganda
HC2031 Confucian Thought Yan Shoucheng
HC2032 Division and Intergration: From the Spring-Autumn/Warring States to Sui, Tang and the Five Dynasties Lu Hu
HC2054 Understanding Classical Chinese TextsZhou Yanfei
HC2060 Chinese Education in Southeast Asia Lu Siao-wun
HC2063 Chinese Literature in Singapore Zhang Songjian
HC3016 Readings of Classical Chinese ProseKhoo Kiak Ern
BA Year 1 Chinese
HC1001 Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture Quah Sy Ren
HC1002 Introduction to Chinese Language Lim Ni Eng
HC2001 Directed Readings of Literary Works: Pre-Qin, Han, Wei and JinKhoo Kiak Ern
HC2005 General History of China Chang Yuan
HC2006 Introduction to Chinese HistoryChang Yuan
HC5017 Transnationality in Southeast Asian Cinemas Yeo Min Hui
Minor in Translation ​
HT5101 Translation: History, Theories and Principles Cui Feng
HT5102 Language Foundation for Translation Cui Feng
HT5201 Translation: Techniques & Practice Arista Kuo Szu-Yu
HT5202 Audiovisual Translation Arista Kuo Szu-Yu
HT5301 Linguistics, Culture and Translation Cui Feng
HT5401 Translation: Appreciation, Criticism and EvaluationCui Feng
​Minor in Chinese Creative Writing
HF5101 Introduction to Chinese Creative Writing Huaichen Wu 
HF5201 Creative Writing: Prose Wong Koi Tet
HF5501 Creative Writing: Chinese Playwriting Tung Ka Wai
HF5801 Advanced Creative Writing: Chinese Fiction Wong Koi Tet



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