Lien Shih Sheng Book Prize

The late Mr. Lien Shih Sheng (连士升先生), was well-known as a Chinese literati par-excellence, a literary pioneer who published over 20 books about his travels, social commentaries and biographies. His most popular and accessible literary works include ‘Letters from the Coast’ <海滨寄简> which covers a broad range of topics, including current affairs, travel and commentary, and ‘For the New Youth’ <给新青年>. Both works show that the late Mr. Lien had a strong sense of community and a keen interest in educating and guiding youth. To continue his distinguished legacy, his grandson Mr. Lien Ber Luen set up the Lien Shih Sheng Book Prize at Nanyang Technology of University to provide a form of encouragement to the students who excel in Chinese studies at the school of Humanities and to continue his grandfather’s distinguished legacy. Besides launching the Book Prize in NTU, Mr. Lien has also established a fund with the Community Foundation of Singapore to assist financially disadvantaged students in the form of scholarships and bursaries. 

The Lien Shih Sheng Book Prize is awarded to an outstanding student in the graduating year of study in the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese who has achieved the highest aggregate marks in the following five core courses under Chinese Literature and Culture (Category A):

  • HC1001 Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture
  • HC2001 Directed Readings of Literary Works: Pre-Qin, Han, Wei and Jin
  • HC2003 Directed Readings of Literary Works: Tang and Song
  • HC2004 Directed Readings of Literary Works: Yuan, Ming and Qing
  • HC3001 Modern Chinese Literature