Published on 13 Sep 2022

Dr Seah Lay Hoon presents at the 2022 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Dr Seah Lay Hoon, Senior Education Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, presented at the 2022 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting on 22 April 2022.  

Part of a symposium comprising five papers focusing on teachers' language-related knowledge base for content teaching (LRKCT), Dr Seah gave a presentation titled “Toward a Language-Related Knowledge Base for Content Teaching”, which articulated a framework for LRKCT that is based on prior scholarship. She also took on the role of Chair for the symposium.  

The presentation distinguished and outlined the various components constituting this knowledge base, which include knowledge of language, knowledge about language, knowledge of students, and pedagogical knowledge. As a specialised body of knowledge, LRKCT serves to inform how content teachers represent content knowledge linguistically as well as supporting the learning of general academic discourse and disciplinary-specific language and literacy practices. Four of the presentations in this symposium are based on an upcoming book titled “The role of language in content pedagogy: A framework for teachers’ knowledge”, edited by Dr Seah, Assoc Prof Rita Elaine Silver from the Office of Education Research at the National Institute of Education and Assoc Prof Mark C. Baildon from United Arab Emirates University.