MOE-Sponsored Admission for University Degree Holders FAQ

1. What are the initial teacher preparation programmes that I can apply for with a university degree?

With a university degree, you may apply for consideration of admission to the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Programme. The 16-month full-time programme offers specialisation in teaching at primary school level, secondary school level or junior college level. The two-year full-time programme offers specialisation in teaching Physical Education at primary school level or secondary school level.

2. What are the entry requirements for the PGDE Programme?

Applicants must have at least a degree from the Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore or other universities whose degrees are acceptable to the education service of Singapore. Applications are considered in competition with others which have been submitted and assessment is based on the totality of the applicant’s academic qualifications.


3. In addition to fulfilling the entry requirements, what are the other special requirements for the PGDE Programme?

Please refer to the PGDE Programme Handbook for details on the special entry requirements which can be viewed under the section Programme Handbook & Curriculum Structure at


4. Am I required to take the Entrance Proficiency Test?

All candidates who are interested to apply for teaching positions with the Ministry of Education are to register for the English Language (EL) Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT) via the Ministry. The Ministry will assist you with the EPT registration if you are found suitable and you have been shortlisted for employment after the interview with the Ministry. For test information, please visit the Regional Language Centre (RELC) website.


5. Must I register for the Entrance Proficiency Test before submitting my application for the NIE progammes?

Only candidates shortlisted for employment by the Ministry of Education will be allowed to register for the Entrance Proficiency Test. The Ministry will assist these candidates in the registration process.


6. What are the additional criteria for the PGDE (Physical Education) Programme?

You must also pass the Physical Proficiency Test (PPT) and have a good CCA record in your school years. Details on the PPT can be found at


7. How do I apply for the PGDE Programme?

Your application must be submitted online through the Ministry of Education website at Details on the application process can also be obtained from the Ministry's website.


8. When must I submit my application?

Application period for the programmes can be found here:


9. When is the intake for the PGDE Programme?

There are two PGDE intakes each year:

January: PGDE (non-PE) 16-month programme

July: PGDE (PE) 2-year programme


10. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for admission to the PGDE Programme.


11. Can I choose the subjects and school level that I want to teach?

You may state your preference. However, the decision on the subjects and the level that you will teach will be determined by the selection panel if you are successful in your application.


12. Where can I get the structure for the PGDE Programme?

Details on the programme structure can be viewed at


13. How much is the tuition fees for the PGDE Programme per year?

If you are selected for admission, you will be appointed by the Ministry of Education as a General Education Officer. With this appointment, the tuition fees for the course will be paid for by the Ministry for the normal duration of the programme. You will be required to serve a period of bond in the Singapore Education Service.


14. How long is the teaching bond?

Upon completion of the PGDE programme, you will have to serve a three-year teaching bond. Further details on the bond can be obtained from the Ministry of Education website at


15. What are the teaching scholarships available?

Please refer to the Ministry of Education website at for details on the teaching scholarships.


16. Can I be admitted to the Programme if I do not want to be bonded to the Ministry of Education?

Yes, this will be the case if you are admitted as a full-fee paying candidate. Details on this scheme can be found at