Office of Teacher Education & Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Education

If you aspire to be a teacher, NIE's BA/BSc (Academic Discipline and Education) is a direct honours, double major programme which recognises the academic rigour and depth of knowledge that NIE undergraduates undertake in both their content area of expertise and in education. It will prepare you with deep content knowledge, strong inquiry skills and a globalised perspective to prepare you to become a leader in education.   

For those looking at sports-related careers, the BSc (Sport Science & Management) programme is a robust interdisciplinary degree programme focusing on the scientific principles behind exercise and the human body along with the management of sport organisations. SSM is the only undergraduate programme offered by a local tertiary institute that provides academic and professional pathways to sport-related careers.   

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Teacher Education

In addition to the BA/BSc (Academic Discipline and Education) programme mentioned above, we also offer a variety of DiplomaPostgraduate Diploma and Teacher Leadership Programmes that are value-based, learner-centred, evidence-informed and future-focused. Our programmes combine a legacy of educational excellence with the innovation and creativity that will propel our graduates into an exciting future in the field of education. We develop academic skills alongside character-building and leadership skills, with a strong emphasis on values.


Associate Professor Chow Jia Yi
Dean, Teacher Education & Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

BA/BSc (Academic Discipline and Education)

(part of NIE's Teacher Education programmes)

Our Underpinning Philosophy for Teacher Education

NIE's initial teacher preparation is based on a central pillar of a three-pronged set of values (V3) around which the skills (S) and knowledge (K) needed of a 21st Century teaching professional are woven. It guides the design and delivery of NIE's teacher education programmes and prepares future-ready education professionals to develop 21st Century competencies in their students. The current Enhanced V3SK Model builds on the original V3SK in the Teacher Education Model for the 21st Century (TE21) initiative first introduced in 2012.

The desire is for student teachers to be able to create new value in education that achieves sustainable development for society and for them to be cognisant of the ecosystem where their competencies impact the lives of the next generation. Importantly, student teachers are empowered to become self-directed and lifelong learners.


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