Advanced Diploma Programmes


The Advanced Diploma programme is meant to enhance a teacher’s skills and knowledge in the course of their teaching career.

The programme is offered in the following areas of specialisation:

Using the Advanced Diploma for entry into NIE’s full-time Bachelor of Arts (Education) / Bachelor of Science (Education) OR part-time Bachelor of Education

Upon successful completion of this programme, you may wish to apply for admission into the NIE/NTU degree programme. Admission is not automatic and all applications would be given due consideration.

The admission criteria for returning teachers who are interested in using the Advanced Diploma to help gain admission into the full-time Bachelor of Arts (Education) / Bachelor of Science (Education) OR part-time Bachelor of Education are as follows and may be subjected to further updates from the Office of Teacher Education:

  • Obtained at least overall Pass in Dip Ed/ Dip PE/ Cert Ed and a minimum of 'C' Grade in an Advanced Diploma (obtained prior to the introduction of GPA System) or a minimum of CGPA of 2.50 in an Advanced Diploma (obtained after introduction of GPA System)*


  • Recommendation by Principal

*For admission to Bachelor of Education (Primary) Part-time Programme, in addition to the above criteria, candidates must also meet the following:

  • Be employed by the Ministry of Education;
  • Have at least two years of trained teaching experience; and
  • Have an annual appraisal grade of at least Grade C or better.
Where can I get more information on the courses and programme descriptions?

You can browse through NIE’s website using this link. Here you will find the various programme titles and course descriptions.

Why are there no Advanced Diploma Programmes for some disciplines?

NIE is working on a feasibility study for these programmes. Updates on new programmes will be made available here.

What is the duration of the Advanced Diploma programme?

The duration will vary across programmes. Some programmes are full-time, spreading across 3 months, while some are modular and can accredited any time within a 5 year period.
What is the cost of the Advanced Diploma?
An Advanced Diploma requires at least 20 AUs to be achieved to complete the Programme. Each course fulfills differing number of AUs. 1 AU is equivalent to 13 hours.

Course fees are dependent on the number of course hours, type of participant, lab/non-lab based course. For more information on course fees, please refer to the information published on individual courses or contact us at [email protected]
When does registration for the Advanced Diploma programme start?
The registration process varies across programmes. Please refer to the respective programmes’ webpage for more information .
What are the various assessment modes?
There are various types of assignments, for instance, written assignments, project work, presentations, research and examinations. Each course will have its own assessment mode. You can refer to the course description for more information.
What kind of certification do I get?
You will be awarded an e-Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of a course.

For programme courses, upon successfully completing the necessary course requirements, you can apply for these courses to be accredited to the relevant programme and seek award for the relevant certification.
What should I do when I am unable to attend classes?
You should inform your lecturer the reason for absence (in advance, if possible) and provide any supporting documents, if any.
If for some reason, I fail my course and the programme coordinator permits a retake of the examination or assignment for further assessment, and I pass, will I have to pay for the re-assessment?Depending on the programme course, if no further cost is incurred, then no payment is required.
How do I apply for accreditation to a programme?You may complete the form found here.


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For enquiry on course administration, please e-mail: [email protected].