Published on 05 May 2024

Dr Lim Yang Teck Kenneth co-publishes a book chapter in the Powerful Geography book and speaks at the first networking and sharing session of E5 Cluster schools in 2024

Dr Lim Yang Teck Kenneth, Senior Education Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), co-wrote a book chapter titled “Beyond the Geography Discipline: Applying the Powerful Geography Approach in a College-Level Data Science Curriculum in Singapore” in the Powerful Geography book, alongside Mr Samuel Li and Ms Estella Tan. The book chapter explores the theoretical underpinnings of powerful geography beyond the geography discipline by applying its lens to examine a data science curriculum as enacted in a general elective hosted at an institute of higher learning (IHL) in Singapore. 

He was also invited to speak at the first networking and sharing session of East 5 (E5) Cluster schools in 2024. Dr Lim and his students shared their work on E-Pedagogy to the Humanities teachers. They also shared examples of how literacies in artificial intelligence (AI) and Data Science can be infused into Humanities subjects, with illustrations from History, Social Studies and Geography. Dr Lim addressed the assembled audience of about sixty teachers from the various member schools of the E5 cluster with a particular focus on nurturing student agency and student empathy through developing literacies in AI and in Data Science.