Published on 11 Jun 2024

Centre for Assessment & Evaluation (CAE): Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) 2024

CAE Symposiums at the recent RPIC (28 – 30 May 2024)

The Centre for Assessment and Evaluation (CAE) organised three symposium presentations at the recent Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) 2024 held at National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  

This year’s RPIC theme was “Growing future-ready teachers and learners: Collaborative research for educational change”.  The conference is intended for educators and researchers to learn from each other on the interpretation and application of research to practice, the aim of which is to enhance teaching and learning experiences.  The Evaluation team organised two symposiums entitled “Advancing Educational Practice: Insights and Applications of Rapid Cycle Evaluation” and “Change, faster: Rapid Cycle Evaluation (RCE), a framework for programme evaluation in schools”. CAE’s Assessment team was also involved as a discussant at a symposium titled “Engaging Primary Students in Feedback in Mathematics Using the Feedback Pedagogy”

Evaluation Symposium: Advancing Educational Practice: Insights and Applications of Rapid Cycle Evaluation – 29 May 2024 

(Presentation from SYP013)

To provide swift and timely evaluation to address the needs in education amidst rapid innovations, the Rapid Cycle Evaluation (RCE) team, consisting of Assoc Prof Chong Wan Har, Ms Michelle Tan, together with Ms Hari Jang (PhD candidate) and teachers from Frontier Primary School, explored the potential application of the RCE framework on educational initiatives and programmes. It delved into the identification of how the framework could better align with the dynamic demands of schools compared to traditional evaluation methods. This symposium was intended to highlight the applicability of RCE in a Singapore Primary School.

Evaluation Symposium: Change, faster: Rapid Cycle Evaluation (RCE), a framework for programme evaluation in schools – 30 May 2024

(Presentation from SYP017)

Evaluation is a crucial process for educators to assess the impact of pedagogical practices and RCE is an approach that generates timely, actionable data for decision-making in real-world settings.

The RCE team consisting of Assoc Prof Chong, Asst Prof Amelia Yeo, Dr Ethan Wong, Dr Tan Chee Soon, Dr Chue Kah Loong, Dr Yvonne Seng, and Ms Tan introduced the RCE framework through preliminary findings from a scoping review; and presented a comparison between RCE and other evidence-based practices, highlighting the contrast between these different models of practice that are utilised in Singapore schools. Additionally, a panel discussion featuring Assoc Prof Chong and Dr Chue and moderated by Dr Seng, shared insights into the adoption of RCE in current school engagements. 

Assessment Symposium: Engaging Primary Students in Feedback in Mathematics Using the Feedback Pedagogy – 30 May 2024

(Presentation from SYP012)

Teachers’ feedback has always played an important role for students' learning but recent trends point to the need to engage students during the feedback process. However, this is a complex matter.

Dr Tay Hui Yong (CAE, Head of Assessment Team) fronted as a discussant, offering insights into the symposium topic and strategies for effectively engaging students in acting on feedback. Dr Karen Lam from MOE, along with educators, Ms Beverly Cheong, Ms Geraldine Ng and Ms Phyllis Toh presented insights to primary math teachers’ belief on young learners acting on feedback and the use of feedback pedagogy to enhance students’ math learning. Additionally, it highlights the student’s role in the process, illustrated by case studies where they shared their experience and key takeaways.

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