Published on 08 Oct 2021

Asst Prof Azilawati Jamaludin Presents on Game-Based Learning

Asst Prof Azilawati Jamaludin, Asst Dean (Science of Learning in Education) at the Office of Education Research, was invited to conduct a session on 20 August 2021 at the PSB Academy (Singapore), as part of their Professional Development Series sessions. This event was attended by PSB Academy’s academic as well as non-academic staff, and members from the Singapore Association for Private Education (SAPE).

Asst Prof Jamaludin’s presentation, titled “Optimising learning through games” presented attendees with an overview of the evolution of games, and theories, elements, and assessments of digital game-based learning. She then introduced neuroscientific perspectives of gameplay and how it links to neural and cognitive development. The session concluded with an engaging question and answer session where Asst Prof Jamaludin responded to a myriad of stimulating questions from the attendees.