Past NIE Strategic Plans

The NIE Strategic Vision 2022 ('NIE 2022') was the culmination of a three-year strategy development and stakeholder engagement process. With the theme, 'A Future-Ready National Institute of Education,' NIE 2022 highlighted the Institute’s aim to be a leader of the future of education in Singapore and internationally.

As Singapore’s national institute for teacher education and only institute for teacher accreditation, NIE’s mission is to inspire learning, transform teaching and advance research in education. Under NIE 2022, which was implemented over the 2018 to 2022 academic years, the Institute

  • refreshed our globally-recognised teacher education model for the 21st Century (renamed ‘TE21: Empowering Teachers for the Future’);
  • repositioned our degrees into double major programmes (Academic Discipline and Education);
  • identified and implemented five multidisciplinary strategic growth areas (‘LIFE@NIE SG® SGAs’) under ‘Learning Initiatives for the Future of Education’ or LIFE@NIE SG®, setting up NIE-level centres and initiatives for these SGAs; 
  • launched the Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) fifth tranche; 
  • published an NIE definition and policy for blended Learning; 
  • established the NTU-NIE Alumni Association (AA); 
  • introduced the NIE Leadership Excellence and Advancement Programme (LEAP) and a new faculty mentoring framework; as well as 
  • continuing with the renewal and enhancement of innovative teaching and learning spaces.

Click here for the official 'NIE 2022: A Future-ready National Institute of Education' brochure.

The ‘Moving Forward: Towards 2017’ Strategic Roadmap charted the Institute’s broad strategic directions from 2014 to 2017. Shaped like a ship to signify that 'Education is a journey, not a destination', the roadmap had three main pillars: (i) Knowledge Capital, (ii) Partnership, and (iii) Institutional Capacity Building and Corporate Professionalism. The NIE Core Values were presented as an anchor to signify how they formed the foundations driving our corporate culture and the achievement of our institutional goals.

Click here for the official 'Moving Forward: Towards 2017' Strategic Roadmap brochure.