News: Five LKCMedicine faculty appointed to new named chair professorships at NTU

Five LKCMedicine faculty were among 26 who have been appointed to new named chair professorships at NTU and assumed their roles 1 April 2021. 

NTU President and Distinguished University Professor Subra Suresh as well as NTU Deputy President and Provost Professor Ling San made the announcement via email on 31 March 2021.

In making the announcement, Prof Suresh and Prof Ling San stated, "The remarkable accomplishments of our faculty in research, education, and innovation have benefitted pedagogy, knowledge creation, industry, and society. They also contributed significantly to NTU's continued and impressive rise as a high-impact and internationally-recognised university. With talent as an important enabler of our organisation, as outlined in the NTU 2025 Strategy, talent development and recognition will continue to be a key priority as we foster an engaged and high-performing workforce."

The appointments follow the initiative announced in March 2019 with 50 named faculty chair professorships.

In August 2018, Prof Suresh shared the university's ambitious plan to create up to 100 new term chair professorships over five years to recognise NTU faculty members who contribute in many ways to advance NTU.

Prof Suresh and Prof Ling San said the named chair professorships recognise the achievements of early-career, mid-career, and senior faculty colleagues.

"They serve as an important tool to attract, nurture and retain outstanding faculty at different stages of their academic careers. Nominations, from College deans, for the appointment of highly accomplished faculty to these named professorships were discussed and selected by a panel chaired by the Provost, for approval by the President," they wrote.

Full Professor Chairs from LKCMedicine:

Vice-Dean (Research) Professor Lim Kah Leong: President's Chair in Translational Neuroscience

Vice-Dean (Education) Professor Jennifer Anne Cleland: President's Chair in Medical Education

Early-career and Mid-career Faculty Chairs from LKCMedicine:

Vice-Dean (Faculty Affairs) Associate Professor Andrew Tan: Provost's Chair in Metabolic Disorder

Assistant Dean (Research) Associate Professor Kevin Pethe: Provost's Chair in Infectious Disease

Nanyang Assistant Professor Xia Yun: Provost's Chair in Stem Cell Biology