Students' Take: Hear From Our Students: Why LKCMedicine?

By Kaylyn Lim, Executive, Communications and Outreach

LKCMedicine offers a MBBS degree programme that has an innovative bespoke curriculum which is designed to meet Singapore’s healthcare needs. The curriculum draws extensively from Imperial College London’s medical curriculum and leverages the strengths of NTU Singapore in engineering, biomedical research, humanities, and business. Our students can shape their student experience outside the classroom. Through our vast range of student facilities and activities for students to explore interests outside of medicine, and various opportunities to design your own co-curricular student life, no two days are alike for an LKCMedicine student.

But if you still wonder, “Why LKCMedicine?”, hear directly from our students the reasons why they chose LKCMedicine.

Andrew Yap, Year 5 Student

LKCMedicine's curriculum (especially in the clinical years) is excellently designed to prepare students for starting work as junior doctors. It starts from acute hospital adult medicine, shifts to widely varied demographics (children, pregnant, elderly), and culminates with overseas electives. Next, there is a dedicated MBBS revision period. Finally, the Student Assistantship Programme allows students to work as junior doctors under close supervision. This structure allows students to fully focus on each stage of learning medicine with increasing complexity, final exams, and preparing for work.

Swetha Mohan, Year 2 Student

My experience in LKCMedicine the past 1.5 years has been lovely. The teaching style and classes are very effective, and I really like the independent study that Team-Based Learning (TBL) encourages. It also allows me to adjust my schedule to what works best for me! However, the highlight of my time at LKCMedicine will be my friends and the school culture. LKCMedicine has been welcoming and friendly since my very first day. The people you meet really do become your family, and school never fails to feel like home!

Li Ruiqi, Year 1 Student

The most unique aspect of LKCMedicine is its pedagogy. TBL preparations can be done at our own time unlike traditional lectures, giving us a lot of flexibility in our schedule and study style. During TBLs, there are a lot of exciting and engaging discussions with our teammates, whether it is debating on whose answers are correct or working together to research a tough question. There is rarely a dull moment in lessons. It helps us learn to work with others and, more importantly, forge close friendships while having lots of fun both in and out of class!

Hafez Sorouri Zanjani, Year 1 Student

At LKCMedicine, there has never been a time when I felt like I was alone. There are always people around for me; from the faculty, to seniors, friends, even graduate students, whom I knew would be there for me – and they were there for me. I feel at home at LKCMedicine. Beyond the classrooms, laboratories, student rooms, and gym, it is the fact that we, the students, are at the heart of this family.

Thirrisha Murrugan, Year 3 Student

LKCMedicine is truly like home! To me, a school is made up mainly by the people and the community. At LKCMedicine, it is nothing short of being a very warm and nurturing environment. Be it academics or otherwise, I have been helped tremendously by seniors, peers, and tutors. I still remember how one of our seniors stayed back on a Friday evening till 8pm just to give us an impromptu teaching on something we had asked him about!

Jiang Xiuting, LKCMedicine Year 3 Student

There are plenty of opportunities to build new communities and engage in various spheres of service inside and outside of Medicine. Ultimately, there is something for everyone, and you get to strike whatever balance that fits or stretches you best through the different seasons in medical school.

Amanda Auyong, Year 1 Student

The House Tutor system has helped me get guidance from an older and wiser figure and I am able to talk to my House Tutor about my difficulties and gain great insight. The TBL system has also encouraged us to work with our teams. This helps us to form close friendships and make school more enjoyable!