News: LKCMedicine goes virtual at NTU Open House 2021

With Singapore and the world still grappling with the coronavirus, LKCMedicine ran its Open House virtually for the second consecutive year.

On 20 February, prospective students and their parents had a glimpse of what the School has to offer through a vibrant line-up of live talks on YouTube and Instagram, Team-Based Learning (TBL) demos, live chats, interactive videos, and 360 virtual campus tours.


360 tours of the LKCMedicine Novena Campus were an event highlight

LKCMedicine's microsite was the central hub to the School's day-long programme and was where the School kicked off its morning session with a live stream opened by Vice-Dean for Education Professor Jennifer Cleland who gave a warm virtual welcome to attendees.

During the day, there were two virtual talks by faculty and students which introduced the School’s MBBS programme curriculum, pedagogy, the application process, and student life.

Both sessions concluded with a lively Q&A discussion which was generated by questions from a ‘live’ audience.

Other highlights included live TBL demonstrations which navigated attendees through the forward-thinking student-centric pedagogical approach to medical education at the School.

Visitors were able to ‘explore’ the School at a Virtual Booth through a fully immersive experience with self-guided explorative tours of level 5 to 7 of LKCMedicine’s Clinical Sciences Building.

This includes the Learning Studio, Anatomy Learning Centre and Anatomy Resource Centre, Practical Skills Lab, the Simulated Ward and Communications Suite facilities used for true-to-life clinical practice, and the jewel in crown on level 20, the Medical Library.

Guests can also watch videos from students and faculty giving further insight into TBL lessons, science practicals, anatomy teaching, as well as practical and clinical communication classes in our School facilities.

There was also a team of students who answered questions (such as BMAT requirements and tuition fees) from the public through our Live Chat function.

In presenting this highly interactive Open House for both NTU and LKCMedicine, our Schools have paved the way for taking a traditionally in-person event to the next level of digital sophistication showcasing the very best of what our institutions have to offer online.

This approach attracted close to 10,000 unique visitors to the Open House website with more than 23,000 page views!