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October 2023 | Issue 67

The LKCMedicine journey has been instrumental in shaping doctors of tomorrow.

These past few months have provided memorable opportunities for LKCMedicine students to indulge in various significant events, including the #askLKCMedicine roadshow, the six-week elective programme at Imperial College London, and the 11th White Coat ceremony. With the enhanced single degree MBBS programme announced recently, prospective students can look forward to a refreshed curriculum that will make their learning experience at the School even more meaningful and future focused.

In this issue, we also speak to two Assistant Professors on their areas of specialisation and interests. One of them shares his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health – a feature that will be part of the School’s enhanced curriculum, providing exciting learning opportunities in this aspect.

All these and more in the latest issue of The LKCMedicine newsletter!