AY2020 – 21 Course Offering

Semester 2, AY2020/2021

S/NCourse Code Course Title                                        Teaching ModesCoordinator
1HI30011984: Past, Present, Prophecy                                                                                            On Campus Kevin Riordan & Scott Anthony 
2HL0201Images of Singapore: Literature, Film & Culture
Online Balete Candice 
3HL8001Madness in Literature and Film Online Ho Jia Xuan 
4HL8025Utopian & Dystopian Film and Literature Online Ho Jia Xuan
5HL1003Survey of English Literature II Lecture (Online)              T1 to T3 (Online)
T4 to T9 (On Campus)
Graham Matthews
6HL1005Introduction to Singapore Literature Lecture (Online)              Tutorials (On Campus)Cheryl Julia
7HL1006Introduction to American LiteratureLecture (Online)            Tutorials (On Campus)Christopher Trigg
8HL2005Victorian LiteratureOnline Tamara Wagner
9HL2006ModernismOn Campus Richard Barlow
10HL2007Contemporary Literature & Culture;On Campus Neil Murphy
11HL2015War in Literature and FilmOn Campus Michelle Wang
12HL2021Literature of EmpireOn Campus Bede Scott
13HL2028Nineteenth-Century American Literature & Culture On Campus 
(Updated venue: LHS-TR+39) 
Christopher Trigg
14HL2029American Modernism On Campus Kevin Riordan
15HL2032African Literature On Campus Bede Scott
16HL2040Adapting Greek Mythology On Campus Jane Wong
17HL3003Film & Literature Online Tamara Wagner
18HL3007Postcolonial Literature 

On Campus 

(Updated venue: LHS-TR+41) 



Sim Wai Chew
19HL3010European Literature On Campus Cheryl Julia
20HL3012The Discourse of LoveOn Campus Yong Wern Mei
21HL3016Gender & Sexuality StudiesOn Campus Katharine Wright
22HL3024Contemporary Women's Writing On Campus Yong Wern Mei
23HL3030Major Author Study: ShakespeareOn Campus Jane Wong
The History of the BookOn Campus Katherine Hindley
25HL3039Major Author Study: Samuel BeckettOn Campus Michelle Chiang
26HL4009Popular Literature and Culture On Campus C.J. Wee Wan-ling
27HL4012Advanced Studies in DramaOn Campus Kevin Riordan 
28HL4015Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature On Campus Katherine Hindley 
29HL4018Advanced Studies in Romanticism On Campus Katherine Mulroney 
30HL4028Science and LiteratureOn Campus 
Daniel Jernigan 
31HL4030Scottish Literature On Campus Richard Barlow 
32HL4034British Asian Literature On Campus 
Sim Wai Chew
33HL4039Advanced Studies in Children's Literature On Campus Katherine Mulroney 
34HL4042Being Human in Film & Literature On Campus Michelle Chiang 
35HL4043Postmodernism On Campus Michelle Wang 
36HQ8010 Online Katharine Wright 
37HZ9101Introduction to Creative WritingOn Campus S1 - Desmond Kon 
S2 - Yong Shu Hoong 
S3 - Desmond Kon
S4 - Yam Qilin Daryl 
S5 - Desmond Kon
38HZ9201Creative Writing: Poetry On Campus Boey Kim Cheng 
39HZ9202Creative Writing: Fiction On Campus 
Barrie Sherwood 
40HZ9203Creative Writing: Non Fiction Prose On Campus Barrie Sherwood 
41HZ9205Creative Writing: Screenwriting On Campus Tejas Ewing 
42HZ9301Advanced Creative Writing On Campus 
Boey Kim Cheng 


Semester 1, AY2020/2021
S/NCourse Code Course TitleTeaching ModesCoordinator
1HL0201Images of Singapore: Literature, Film and Culture
OnlineBalete Candice Garcia Lauren
2HL8001Madness in Literature and FilmOnlineHo Jia Xuan
3HL1001Introduction to the Study of LiteratureLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Kevin Riordan
4HL1002Survey of English Literature ILecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Katherine Hindley
5HL2001Medieval LiteratureOn CampusKatherine Hindley
6HL2002Renaissance LiteratureOn CampusJane Wong
7HL2004Sensibility and RomanticismLecture (Online)
Tutorials (Online)
Kate Mulroney
8HL2008Singapore Literature & CultureOn CampusC.J Wee Wan-Ling
9HL2009Southeast Asian Literature and Culture On CampusCheryl Julia
10HL2020Creative Writing WorkshopOn CampusBroc Rossell
11HL2022South Asian LiteratureOn CampusBede Scott
12HL2024Approaches to LiteratureLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Yong Wernmei
13HL2026Reading DramaOn CampusDaniel Jernigan
14HL2027Early American LiteratureOnlineChris Trigg
15HL2041Asian Historical FictionOn CampusJane Wong
16HL2042Children's LiteratureOnlineKate Mulroney
17HL3001Film TheoryOn CampusMichelle Chiang
18HL3002Film, Politics and EthicsOn CampusC.J Wee Wan-Ling
19HL3011Science FictionOnlineTamara Wagner
20HL3014Latin American LiteratureOn CampusBede Scott
21HL3016Gender & SexualityOn CampusKatharine Wright
Theatre of the Absurd On CampusMichelle Chiang
23HL3040Gender and DiversityOnlineKatharine Wright
24HL4010Feminist StudiesOn CampusYong Wernmei
25HL4013Advanced Studies in Literature and Culture:Ecocritical Approaches to LiteratureOn CampusSim Wai Chew
26HL4014Advanced Studies in FilmOn CampusCheryl Julia
27HL4019Advanced Studies in Victorian LiteratureOnlineTamara Wagner
28HL4023Advanced Studies in American LiteratureOnlineChris Trigg
29HL4024Advanced Studies in Contemporary LiteratureOn CampusMichelle Wang
30HL4036Literature & Medicine: Epidemic NarrativesOn CampusGraham Matthews
31HL4038Advanced Studies in Postcolonial LiteratureOn CampusSim Wai Chew
32HL4041Studies in Art Criticism and CultureOn CampusMichelle Lim
33HZ9101Introduction to Creative WritingOn CampusS1 - Yong Shu Hoong
S2 - Desmond Kon
S3 - Ng Yi-Sheng
S4 - Desmond Kon
S5 - Audrey Tan

34HZ9201Creative Writing: PoetryOn CampusBroc Rossell
35HZ9202Creative Writing: FictionOn CampusBarrie Sherwood
36HZ9203Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
On CampusBoey Kim Cheng
37HZ9204Creative Writing: PlaywritingOn CampusJean Tay