AY2013 – 14 Course Offering

Semester 2, AY2013/2014

  • HL1003 Survey of English Literature II (Richard Barlow)
  • HL1005 Singapore Literature and Culture I (Jane Wong)
  • HL1007 Classical Literature (John Tangney)
  • HL203/HL2003 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature (Samara Cahill)
  • HL204/HL2004 Sensibility and Romanticism (Terence Dawson)
  • HL205/HL2005 Victorian Literature and Culture (Tamara Wagner)
  • HL208/HL2008 Singapore Literature and Culture II (C.J. W.-L. Wee)
  • HL210/HL2010 East Asian Literatures (Lee Hyunjung)
  • HL220/HL2020 Creative Writing Workshop (Tash Aw)
  • HL221/HL2021 The Literature of Empire (Bede Scott)
  • HL226/HL2026 Reading Drama (Daniel Jernigan)
  • HL229/HL2029 American Modernism (Kevin Riordan)
  • HL232/HL2032 African Literature (Bede Scott)
  • HL236/HL2036 Virgins and Vixens (Samara Cahill)
  • HL302/HL3002 Film, Politics and Ethics (Brian Bergen-Aurand)
  • HL303/HL3003 Film and Literature (Tamara Wagner)
  • HL306/HL3006 Modern Drama (Daniel Jernigan)
  • HL309/HL3009 Comparative Literature (C.J. W.-L. Wee)
  • HL316/HL3016 Gender & Sexuality Studies (Brian Bergen-Aurand)
  • HL329/HL3029 Arthurian Literature (Walter Wadiak)
  • HL330/HL3030 Major Author Study: Shakespeare (John Tangney)
  • HL3031 Scottish Literature (Richard Barlow)
  • HL333/HL3033 Performance and Cultural Industry (Lee Hyunjung)
  • HL334/HL3034 Irish Literature (Neil Murphy)
  • HL4002 Major Author Study: Chaucer (Walter Wadiak)
  • HL4013 Advanced Studies in Lit and Culture: Ecocritical Approaches to Literature (Sim Wai Chew)
  • HL4020 Advanced Studies in Modernist Literature (Kevin Riordan)


Minor in Creative Writing

  • HZ9101 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • HZ201/HZ9201 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • HZ202/HZ9202 Creative Writing Fiction (Barrie Sherwood)
  • HZ202/HZ9202 Creative Writing Fiction (Tash Aw)
  • HZ203/HZ9203 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction (Boey Kim Cheng)
  • HZ301/HZ9301 Advanced Creative Writing (Jen Crawford)


GER PEs for January 2014

  • AHSS: HL8013 What is Cinema? (Jinat Begum)
  • LS: HL8021 Fictions of Love: Film and Literature (Jinat Begum)
  • LS: HL8027 Visions of the Modern: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Lim Yiru)


      Semester 1, AY2013/2014

      • HL1001 Introduction to the Study of Literature (Kevin Riordan)
      • HL1002 Survey of English Literature I (Walter Wadiak)
      • HL2024/HL224 Approaches to Literature (Yong Wern Mei)
        *HL2024 is a Core course for current Year 2 English Majors.
      • HL2038 Introduction to American Literature (Andrew Yerkes)
      • HL201/HL2001 Medieval Literature (Walter Wadiak)
      • HL202/HL2002 Renaissance Literature (John Tangney)
      • HL206/HL2006 Modernism (Richard Barlow)
      • HL207/HL2007 Contemporary Literature and Culture (Neil Murphy)
      • HL211/HL2011 Representations of Asia: Film and Fiction (Lee Hyunjung)
      • HL213/HL2013 British-Asian Literature (Sim Wai Chew)
      • HL214/HL2014 Urban Culture Asia (Lee Hyunjung)
      • HL222/HL2022 South Asian Literature (Bede Scott)
      • HL301/HL3001 Reading Films: Film Theory (Brian Bergen-Aurand)
      • HL306/HL3006 Modern Drama (Daniel Jernigan)
      • HL307/HL3007 Postcolonial Literature (Sim Wai Chew)
      • HL310/HL3010 European Literature (Terence Dawson)
      • HL311/HL3011 Science Fiction: Origins to Parody (Tamara Wagner)
      • HL317/HL3017 The Rise of the Novel (Samara Cahill)
      • HL323/HL3023 Literature and the Arts (Terence Dawson)
      • HL4009 Popular Literature and Culture (C.J. W.-L. Wee)
      • HL4010 Feminist Studies (Yong Wern Mei)
      • HL4014 Advanced Studies in Film (Brian Bergen-Aurand)
      • HL4017 Advanced Study in Restoration and 18th Century Literature (Samara Cahill)
      • HL4019 Advanced Studies in Victorian Literature (Tamara Wagner)
      • HL4028 Science and Literature (Daniel Jernigan)


      Minor in Creative Writing

      • HZ9101 Introduction to Creative Writin
        (Jennifer Crawford, Grace Chia, Rijula Das, Gwee Li Sui, Yong Shu Hoong)
      • HZ201/HZ9201 Creative Writing: Poetry (Boey Kim Cheng)
      • HZ202/HZ9202 Creative Writing: Fiction (Barrie Sherwood, Romesh Gunesekera)
      • HZ203/HZ9203 Creative Writing Non-Fiction (Barrie Sherwood)
      • HZ205/HZ9205 Creative Writing: Screenwriting (Benjamin Alexander Slater)
      • HZ301/HZ9301 Advanced Creative Writing (Jennifer Crawford)


      GER-PE (AHSS)

      • HL8001 Madness in Literature & Film (Grace Chia Krakovic)
      • HL8008 Introduction to Magical Realism (Bede Scott)
      • HL8021 Fictions of Love: Film and Literature (Jinat Begum)


      GER-Core in Singapore Studies

      • HL0201 Images of Singapore: Literature, Film and Culture (Jinat Begum)


      GER-Core in Environmental Studies (offered in Aug 2013)

      • HY0301- Environmental Philosophy
      • HC0301- Environmental Ethics and Chinese Thought (to be conducted in Mandarin)
      • HH0301- The Environment in History


      Year 2 students must register for ONE Singapore Studies course, either in Sem 1 OR Sem 2.
      Year 3 students must register for ONE Environmental Sustainability course, either in Sem 1 OR Sem 2.​