Learning HR thought leadership skills to boost career


Jacqueline Ng

Alumni of MAE/2008
Assistant Director, HR at Nanyang Technological University
Pursued courses stackable to FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership (for HR Practitioners)

What attracted you to your chosen FlexiMasters at PaCE@NTU?

I wish to grow and develop myself as a Human Resource Professional in a more holistic manner. The courses offered by other institutions comprise core HR courses while the FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership (for HR Practitioners) offered by PaCE@NTU comprises courses that are non-HR related. This is the differentiating factor that made me pursue this FlexiMasters. I think it is critical for HR professionals to think strategically and holistically in a dynamic business landscape and the courses from this certificate definitely help us in achieving this.

Which aspect of this FlexiMasters do you like the most?

There are 5 courses for this FlexiMasters. I like that the courses are non-HR related, but business centric which bridges the gap in my knowledge and competencies. I enjoy the interaction with the professors and networking with other like-minded HR professionals. Network is especially important for a closely knitted and tight job market like Singapore hence I appreciate the opportunity to learn, network, and engage with them to learn about the other HR practices in other organisations.

How do you juggle family/working life with your studies?

“If you do what you enjoy doing, you’ll never have to work hard” – Mahatma Gandhi. This quote resonates with me. I truly enjoy the courses and do not find it challenging to juggle between family and working life with my studies. In fact, I always look forward to Saturdays where I get to spend the whole day in class absorbing new knowledge and interacting with my coursemates and professors. That aside, discipline is the main ingredient. I usually spend my Friday nights and weekends working on individual and group assignments, tests and attending online lessons.

Has this FlexiMasters benefitted you in your career development?

It is a definite YES! As a HR professional, I have to manage and analyse data to propose sound recommendations and make informed decisions. Through this FlexiMasters, I get to learn data management and analytics. There are hands-on workshops where I learn various tools such as Python, Tableau and Knime. I am able to apply the knowledge and skills I had learnt from this FlexiMasters directly and immediately to my course of work.

Will you recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes to your friends and family?

It is an astounding YES! NTU is a reputable university with lecturers and professors who are patient, nurturing, and passionate. I like that the FlexiMasters courses are credit-bearing and stackable. It allows me to pursue the courses that I am interested in and are useful for my development, at the same time I can stack them towards the relevant certificate. These courses are short term and I find the load pretty manageable and most importantly, I do not suffer from the burnout juggling with my family, work and studies at the same time.

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