Utilising alumni course credits to dive deeper into supply chain engineering


Toh Si Yao

Alumni of MAE/2020
Supply Chain Planner at Infineon
Completed FlexiMasters in Supply Chain Engineering

Please share with us your professional life’s journey and at which point in your career did you aspire to pursue this FlexiMasters?

I graduated from NTU in year 2020 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. However, the pandemic hit me hard as I was unable to secure a job as fast as my fellow course mates. One of my friends shared with me about the NTU alumni course credits and how we can utilise them to upskill ourselves. Timely intervention! I decided to find out more about how I can make use of the alumni course credits, and signed up for the courses to the FlexiMasters in Supply Chain Engineering as I've always wanted to pursue the knowledge quest of my interest. Furthermore, I can transfer the course credits earned from this certificate to Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering if I want to further my postgraduate education.

What attracted you to your chosen certificate at PaCE@NTU?

My interest in supply chain was the leading factor of my decision. I took a leap of faith to pursue the FlexiMasters in Supply Chain Engineering because I want to acquire the knowledge and skills to support my career development in this industry. Funding and subsidies were available in addition to the alumni course credits to ease my financial burden while upgrading myself with another qualification from my alma mater.

What were the challenges you faced when trying to complete this certificate?

I did not know anyone from my courses during the beginning of my enrolment because my friends didn’t join me in pursuing this FlexiMasters. It was a little difficult for me in making new friends. However, with the help of my professors, I managed to know more people and join groups. This made my learning journey more fun and easier especially when there were projects and assignments that required us to complete in a group setting.

Has this certificate been beneficial to you in bringing forth changes in your organisation?

I took up supply chain and logistics management course during the final year of my undergraduate studies. The course provided me some general knowledge and grew my interest in this field. Hence, I decided to dive deeper and pursue this certificate which I am glad I did. The courses in this certificate not only allowed me in understanding different aspects of the industry better, but also equipped me with skills and knowledge of different aspects in the supply chain. With better knowledge and skills, I can better understand what my company is going though right now as well as grasp a clearer and bigger picture of my current industry. In fact, at the point of completing this FlexiMasters, I joined my current organisation as a Supply Chain Planner.

Will you recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes to your friends and family?

I would recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes and courses to my friends and family who are interested in continuing education and training. Apart from the alumni course credits that each NTU alumni will receive, our government is also providing funding and subsidies to help us in reskilling and upskilling. With lesser worries on the course fees, I can focus more on continuing my education in my area of interest.