Riding the waves of big data with business analytics skills


Edwin Lam Choong Wai

Founder at My SKOLA+
Completed SGUnited Skills Programme in Business Analytics And Automation Tools

Please share with us your professional life’s journey and at which point in your career did you aspire to pursue this programme?

I started my career in advertising and public relations field before moving to brand and marketing management. Then, I ventured further on my own by becoming an edupreneur on top of being a trainer and consultant for businesses. During year 2020, there was worldwide lockdown and everything moved online due to the pandemic. Hence, I was aspired to learn how to harness, analyse and manage big data. When I saw NTU was offering SGUS Programme in Business Analytics And Automation Tools in year 2021, I decided to enrol in this programme to upskill myself.

What attracted you to your chosen programme at PaCE@NTU?

I had a great experience studying at NTU six years ago which made it an easy decision for me to apply for NTU SGUS programme when I was looking for upskilling courses for mid-career. NTU being one of the top universities in Asia gave me the confidence that they can deliver quality education. Besides, PaCE@NTU provided career consultation services for learners of this SGUS programme which I found it attractive enough for me to enrol.

Which aspect of this programme did you like the most?

There were two aspects about this programme that I enjoyed the most. Firstly, I liked the good mix of theoretical modules and practical tasks from the programme. I had the opportunity to learn the practical applications of software in data analytics and automation to solve the given assignments. Secondly, the programme was taught by industry experts and practitioners. This enabled us to gain industry insights, understand the industrial practice, and forecast possible challenges of using these tools for our future data analytics work.

Could you share with us some interesting facets of the programme you enrolled?

My course mates were very helpful and supportive throughout the programme. We set up a WhatsApp group where we used to communicate and discuss our studies. Even though we have graduated from the programme, the WhatsApp group is still active until today because we are helping each other to search for jobs in data analytics industry. Another interesting facet of the programme was our lecturers provided us the networking opportunity by inviting us to relevant industrial events. This gave us the exposure needed to pursue our career in this field.

Has this programme benefitted you in your career development?

The programme enabled me to improve my skills in analysing big data and charting out graphs to unearth valuable insights to improve the business operations and processes of commercial entities. This gives me an edge on undertaking corporate tasks that require the exploration of big data to arrive at the right commercial decisions in the areas of sales and marketing. I can choose to freelance by offering my service to clients or seek for career in brand management with my newly acquired skills in big data analytics.