Getting back into studying after 15 years by upskilling in business analytics


Gary Yeo

Systematic Quant Trader
Completed SGUnited Skills Programme in Business Analytics And Automation Tools

What attracted you to your chosen programme at PaCE@NTU?

NTU being one of the best universities in Asia gives me confidence that their SGUS programme will be professionally structured and administered. Drawing upon NTU's world-renowned faculty and strong industrial connections, I am confident that NTU can develop and deliver quality content for their courses and programmes. So, I decided to enrol NTU’s SGUS Programme in Business Analytics And Automation Tools.

How was your learning experience with this programme?

I was anxious about getting back into studying after a break for over 15 years, but I found myself enjoying this SGUS programme offered by PaCE@NTU because it emphasised strongly on practical and applicable skills than academic knowledge. The programme was well-designed and useful with the right learning pace for adult learners. I also appreciate that the programme was taught by professionals who can share with us real-world examples from their own experiences.

Could you share with us some interesting facets of the programme you enrolled?

Many of my peers were mid-career professionals looking for a career change. PaCE@NTU’s SGUS programme offered not only career guidance and consultation during the programme but also continuous support for 6 months after the programme has ended. Another interesting facet of the programme was the industry sharing sessions where trainers invited corporate professionals such as marketer from FedEx to share their insights with us.

Will you recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes to your friends and family?

I strongly recommend PaCE@NTU’s courses and programmes to my friends and family. I believe PaCE@NTU is well-positioned to facilitate and support lifelong learning for working professionals. Their support for learners such as career consultation adds value to our upskilling journey. Also, the SGUS programme was held online which made it very convenient for me.

Do you think lifelong learning is important? Please share your thoughts about it.

The world of work is always changing with industries and job opportunities rapidly evolving. Skill sets that were in demand may not be sufficient today since technologies change drastically. Lifelong learning is important for everyone to keep up with the fast pace of their industry. As a self-employed person, lifelong learning allows me to learn from my peers and the subject matter experts. This also helps me to stay connected and up-to-date with current developments. Moreover, it expands my social network.