Navigating the Challenges of AI Ethics and Governance in Business


Tony Tay

Chief Executive Officer at AgileAlgo
Completed Certificate in AI Ethics and Governance

Please share with us your professional life’s journey and at which point in your career did you aspire to pursue this certificate?

I have 29 years of experience in the IT industry in Singapore and have held important positions such as Managing Director for Technology Delivery at ASEAN, Accenture, and Chief Information Officer for Kim Eng Securities. I founded a Generative AI company in 2019 that focuses on applying AI and Deeptech in software engineering - helping clients with digitalisation and automation.

I have chaired the AI Ethics and Governance Certification Committee for the Singapore Computer Society for the past 2 years and pursued this certificate to ensure that my company is aware of the AI ethics and governance considerations when delivering work for our customers.

Which aspect of this certificate did you like the most?

The initial discussion on the reasons why we need to address AI ethics and governance, as well as the potential risks of not doing so, is crucial. It is also important to keep tabs on what other countries are doing in this area and their progress. Obtaining certifications serves as an additional validation that we have received the necessary training and are knowledgeable enough about the topic in a structured manner.

What were the challenges you faced when trying to complete this certificate?

As a business owner rather than a data scientist, some parts of the certificate may be too technical and not directly related to my needs. My focus is on gaining a deeper understanding of the considerations of AI Ethics and Governance that are most relevant to my business. Ultimately, I hope to use this knowledge to make informed decisions that align with ethical and responsible business practices.

How did you apply what you've learnt from this certificate?

As we work with our clients on their use cases, we always keep in mind the importance of AI ethics and governance. We inform our clients of any implications and concerns that may arise during the process. Additionally, as a generative AI platform provider, we offer explainability features and bias check features that are constantly being improved in our product roadmap.

Do you think lifelong learning is important? Please share your thoughts about it.

Absolutely, it is important! Industries are changing rapidly due to technological advancements and automation, and this requires individuals and organisations to continuously acquire new skills and understanding of emerging trends to remain competitive. Innovation is a key driver of success in this environment, and learning is the critical enabler that helps individuals and organisations adapt and thrive. Embracing a culture of continuous learning and innovation is essential for success in a dynamic business environment.