Gaining a holistic insight into the UX design industry and building portfolio


Tan Yuan Huey

Completed SGUnited Skills Programme in UX Design and Product Management

How was your learning experience with this programme?

This programme has provided me a holistic insight into the UX industry by allowing us to create a comprehensive portfolio that followed through almost the entire design process from research to ideation and finally the actual creation. I truly enjoyed myself when we can see our learnings and creation come to life during the final mock-up.

The trainers provided a lot of support both in class and outside of class, allowing learners like me to learn at my own pace and ask questions whenever I need. The trainers’ experience across different aspects of UX industry has also provided me with interesting insights.

How would you apply what you’ve learnt in this programme?

The key takeaways were communication and having empathy for your user's needs and perspectives. These helped me to reflect on myself on how I could communicate better especially when facing opposing ideas. Balancing on different perspectives was also another thing that I have learnt. I had to have my take after listening to multiple perspectives on the same project that I was working on during the programme.

Figma is my favourite tool for UX design that I’ve learnt in this programme as it impacts the way i create because it is extremely versatile, easy to use and I can do it on the go.

Do you think lifelong learning is important? Please share your thoughts about it.

I believe in lifelong learning, the only constant is change, especially in the UX industry where new trends are constantly evolving and changes happening rapidly. Only through constant learning of new skills and knowledge, we can improve and keep ourselves abreast with these developments, and make our lives interesting as an individual.

What are your next steps?

I hope to pursue my career in the UX industry while continue to hone and explore new skills to learn. As such, I am planning to improve my portfolio by engaging in a few small-scale projects before furthering my career.

Would you recommend this programme to a friend or colleague?

I would strongly recommend this programme to my friends and family. Even though it is a 6-month programme, NTU SGUnited Skills Programme in UX Design and Product Management provided me with holistic insights and tools for the UX industry. The programme is centred around creating a full portfolio, making it easier for us to follow through and watch our portfolio grows. The programme is also career-focused so it is great if you wish to do a career switch. The portfolio accelerator also allowed us to gain skills to improve our portfolio which is something beneficial we can take away for our future career path.