Equipping skills and knowledge in food chemistry to pursue career goal



Technical Officer at Stats Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Pursued courses stackable to Specialist Certificate In Food Chemistry

Describe the factors that led you to choose this certificate.

I was looking for hands-on laboratory courses to equip myself with the necessary skills to work in the brewing industry and I chanced upon a lab analyst job advert by the Asia Pacific Breweries and was very keen in getting myself employed by APB. Having a degree or diploma in Food Tech was part of the job requirement, and it was so timely I read about the Specialist Certificate in Food Chemistry offered through PaCE@NTU! The course duration and the face-to-face lab sessions, conducted once a month, were just the elements of the right programme I was looking for.

What were the challenges you faced when trying to complete this certificate?

I have not been in touch with chemistry principles for many years and I was worried that I would not be at the same level of understanding as the undergraduates. However, the lecturers were very patient to clarify all my doubts and answer all my emails, even when my questions were about basic chemistry. The recorded lectures allowed me to make reference notes easily, and the lecture notes given by the lecturers were very comprehensive that aided me in understanding the topics of my lectures better.

Could you share with us some interesting facets of the certificate you enrolled?

We learnt not only the processes needed to make artificially-made substances through chemical synthesis, but also the alternatives to these products as well as the business decisions involved in producing such products. The basic rules of how the human body functions as well as basic chemistry rules were explained to us in a simplified manner for ease of understanding. The lecturers were just fantastic in providing very systematic explanation of the concepts. The experiments were doable, even though it ranged from very affordable bench experiments that one can do it on your own, to the more precise ones that would require extraction and other equipment that can be rented when required.

How did you find studying in NTU?

The lush greenery and scenic landscaping of the NTU campus, coupled with the vast library resources that included brewing journals, created a very conducive environment to make studying more relaxing rather than stressful. Instead of imparting mere textbook academia theories, the lecturers provided us the knowledge, skill sets and know-hows that were applicable at our workplaces. Despite campus being tugged at the west corner of Singapore, I find it accessible due to the high bus frequencies that ply between campus and the Boon Lay bus interchange.

Will you recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes to your friends and family?

Having such a positive learning experience, I would definitely recommend programmes and courses offered through PaCE@NTU to my family and friends.