Seizing the opportunity to learn UX design skill sets to stay competent


Tan Meng Jun

Completed SGUnited Skills Programme in UX Design and Product Management

How was your learning experience with this programme?

I wanted to learn UI/UX Design two years ago but I didn’t have the chance to enrol into such programmes. It was not widely available and was only found in one of the local polytechnics and General Assembly. The problems I faced were the duration required to complete the programme and the hefty cost involved. I put this goal at the back of my mind and continued to do graphic design. The opportunity laid before me when this course was offered under the SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme. Thus, I decided to pursue the goal I had for 2 years by enrolling in this SGUS Programme in UX Design and Product Management.

The learning had been intensive as we had to learn a variety of skills, and that exceeded my expectations of the programme. We learnt different UI/UX skill sets such as conducting research to understand our audience better and create beauty artefacts, storytelling to sell our idea, and how to collaborate with others. The insights from the trainers also helped to broaden my perspective of the UI/UX landscape which aided us in positioning ourselves to be more competent when job seeking.

How would you apply what you've learnt in this programme?

I would apply the idea of iteration by striving to seek improvement in the work we are producing. We should not be satisfied with our first round of work by thinking that there is no room for improvements. Our mentality has to shift towards excellence as we work towards coming up with better products. We are the world-changers. By taking on this role, I have learnt to be more empathetic towards users and enthusiastic to solve real life problems.

Do you think lifelong learning is important? Please share your thoughts about it.

I am a believer of constantly upgrading my skill sets to be valuable in the ever-changing economic landscape. How we bring value to the company we work in will change over time so it is important to ensure our skill sets are up-to-date. It is impossible to absorb the full knowledge around us so it is important to always stay curious and be in an explorative mode to pick up what we are passionate about. In my case, it is in UI/UX.

What are your next steps?

I will be working for a creative agency. I aim to create value to the team I will be working with and expand my UI/UX skill sets as I get to work on real world projects, similar to my fellow course mates who are embarking on their accelerator projects. Now that I have attained my goal of acquiring UI/UX skills, I have created another goal for myself. I would like to learn Full Stack Web Development so that I can take up another unique role, which is UX unicorn.