Empowering Career Growth Through a Transformative Career Transition in Data & Information Analytics


Siti Raziyah

Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Completed SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme in Data and Information Analysis Literacy Upgrading Programme (Dial-Up)

Please share with us your professional life’s journey and at which point in your career did you aspire to pursue this programme?

I have been in an administrative role for over 10 years and the past 6-7 years immersed me in scorecards and data management, igniting a passion for analytics. At my current workplace, I am allowed to delve deeper into it and that was when I realised that it was time to advance my knowledge in data analytics, the works and thought processes more formally.

How was your learning experience with this programme?

Navigating this programme presented unique challenges as an older student without formal statistics or programming education. Yet, the patient guidance of the trainers provided clarity amidst complexity. Their meticulous explanation rendered the programme and assignments approachable. Collaborating on projects with classmates from diverse industries, particularly those adept in analytics, further enriched my understanding. Despite initial challenges, the programme enhanced my analytical skills through teamwork and dedicated study.

Which aspect of this programme did you like the most?

Undoubtedly, the group work stood out as the highlight of the programme. It served as a litmus test for my understanding of the subject matter. While I may not have contributed as much as my peers, the experience offered invaluable insights. Through observation and participation, I gained a deeper understanding of the nuances of the subject matter. The collaborative environment provided a fertile ground for learning and personal growth, making it the most cherished aspect of the programme.

How have you benefited from the career services and support provided to you through our programme?

The career services and support offered through the programme have been invaluable in shaping my professional trajectory. While my primary goal was to enhance my expertise in data analytics, the career coaching provided me with indispensable guidance in navigating my next career move. Rather than aimlessly applying for any available position, I learned to discern and prioritise what truly aligns with my aspirations and skill set. This targeted approach not only optimised my job search but enabled me to pursue opportunities that are truly fulfilling and aligned with my career objectives.

Do you think lifelong learning is important? Please share your thoughts about it.

Absolutely, lifelong learning is paramount in today’s rapidly evolving world. With constant changes in the workplace, advancements in technology, and evolving job requirements, staying relevant and competitive necessitates a commitment to continuous learning and upskilling. Embracing lifelong learning not only enhances one’s knowledge and skill set but also fosters adaptability, resilience, and personal growth. I do wish I had taken this step earlier. But I believe, nothing is ever too late!