Unlocking better career opportunity in project management with flexible learning


Dominiic Ernest

Project Manager at ST Engineering
Completed FlexiMasters in Project Management

Please share with us your professional life’s journey and at which point in your career did you aspire to pursue this FlexiMasters?

After I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in 2015, I was a successful engineer practising in various engineering industries. It was not until 2020 that I realised having strong technical skills was not enough, I had to sharpen my management skills to elevate into new heights. Back then, I was promoted as an engineering manager where I managed projects with bigger budgets. Initially, I had mentors who guided me to learn and accomplish major milestones on completing projects. However, I began to realise that I enjoyed managing projects and interacting with people more than being a technical geek. Hence, I started exploring continuing education in project management and enrolled in FlexiMasters in Project Management offered by PaCE@NTU because of its flexible learning. During my study, I received a better career opportunity and exposure to practice what I learnt.

How was your learning experience with this FlexiMasters?

The word “flexi” in the FlexiMasters says it all. My learning journey was quite flexible as this certification did not have any requirements for us to complete modules in a specific period of time. It was suitable for working adults like me who preferred to have a work life balance where I would not be overwhelmed with all the assignments and examinations. I had a fun-filled and great learning experience as the professors and lecturers of this certificate are also the experts in the project management field. They shared with us real-life scenarios and guidance from their own experiences.

Which aspect of this FlexiMasters did you like the most?

The one best thing that attracted me to pursue this FlexiMasters was being able to transfer all the academic credits earned to NTU’s Master of Science in Project Management. The FlexiMasters courses are conducted at NTU by the same professors from the Master’s programme. This learning pathway helps learners who are looking for a funded option to pursue postgraduate studies. This FlexiMasters covers the foundation skills of project management which are sufficient for one to start a career as a project manager. Should they be keen to explore more and attain a Master's degree, FlexiMasters paves the way too.

What were the challenges you faced when trying to complete this FlexiMasters?

One of the major challenges I faced was going back to study mode after semester breaks. As a working professional, it was tedious at times when I was required to submit assignments by the deadline while having personal commitments. I struggled the most during my final semester because I had to take 3 modules due to personal commitment. However, the professors provided me great support and I received help to complete my FlexiMasters successfully.

Has this FlexiMasters benefitted you in your career development?

It was at the starting point of my project management career where I pursued this FlexiMasters. Although I had the basic skills and knowledge, the certificate courses equipped me with in-depth details and concept applications which made me think out of the box, increase my team’s productivity, and allow everyone to grow and succeed. This FlexiMasters also made me stand out in my job performance and unlocked new possibilities in my career.

Will you recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes to your friends and family?

I would definitely recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes as they are specially tailored for working adults to continue their learning journey with flexibility, focused curriculums, and subsidised course fees. They offer various types of programmes such as short courses, stackable certificates, FlexiMasters, online learning and more for everyone who is looking to upgrade themselves and continue their education in various fields.