Leaders in Education Programme


The Leaders in Education Programme (LEP) prepares selected education officers for principalship in schools. The objectives of the LEP are aligned with the values and educational philosophy of the national system. The programme aims to develop principalship capability that is values-based, purposeful, innovative and forward-looking, anchored on strong self and people leadership, curriculum, instructional and strategic management skills, including an appreciation of how principals could work effectively in a complex environment.

LEP courses and diverse learning experiences, provide participants with opportunities to deeply reflect on their educational leadership values and philosophy, learn and develop relevant knowledge, skills and competencies (e.g. MOE’s Leadership Competencies for Principals) to translate their values into practice at schools. LEP provides multiple learning platforms for participants to think in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways, thereby equipping them for the challenges of leading in a fast-changing educational landscape.

The key underlying andragogical principle of the LEP is knowledge construction, sharing and application within a social constructivist paradigm. This andragogical principle is aligned with modern complexity theories, which argue that knowledge emerges from rich dynamic human interactions. Under such a paradigm, LEP participants are expected to learn beyond the inputs of the courses by engaging in deep and meaningful social generation of knowledge. The various learning platforms in the LEP are designed to provide opportunities for interactions among participants to construct, share, and apply new knowledge. In particular, some of these platforms facilitate the internalisation of values, and promote self-awareness as well as personal mastery among participants.

The LEP has been designed to maximise learning through the following learning platforms:

  1. Courses
  2. Learning Syndicate and Learning Journals
  3. Creative Action Project (CAP)
  4. Mentoring
  5. International Visit (IV)
  6. LEP Lecture Series
  7. Industrial Learning
This is a full-time programme of seven months' duration.

For queries on programme administration, please e-mail: [email protected]