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Diploma in Special Education

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Candidates who are interested in special needs education can pursue a Diploma in Special Education (DISE). DISE programme is for nominated teachers of special education organisations and Special Educational Needs Officers (SEN Officers) from the Ministry of Education.

The programme will equip students with the skills necessary for the identification of specific special educational needs as well as the diagnosis and assessment of individual weaknesses, and skills to plan intervention programmes.

The Diploma programmes offered for special education is:

  • Diploma in Special Education (One-Year)

Generally, the Diploma programmes admit candidates who hold either GCE 'A' Levels or polytechnic diplomas. Candidates applying for the DISE should have one month relevant experience. For more information on the requirements, you may view the details here.

If you are interested in these programmes, look out for advertisements in the newspapers or on TV, or call the MOE hotline 6872 2220. Alternatively, you can submit your application on-line through the MOE website at https://www.moe.gov.sg/careers/become-teachers/pri-sec-jc-ci/diploma-education/apply.

The Diploma in Special Education (DISE) programme is a one-year full time programme. For the Programme Structure, please refer to the Programme Handbook.

For list of courses offered in the programme, please refer to the Programme Handbook.
Special Educational Needs Officer

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