Published on 29 Apr 2024

Power 98 Interview with Asst Prof Edward Park on Ecological Crisis in the Mekong

On 6 March 2024, Asst Prof Edward Park from NIE was interviewed by Singapore’s Power 98 radio station. He was asked about reports by conservation groups which claim that one in five fish species in the Mekong River are threatened with extinction. This has been driven by habitat loss, hydropower dams, conversion of wetlands to agriculture and aquaculture, unsustainable sand mining, invasive species and climate change.

Asst Prof Park highlighted that the stressors bring about complexities in water resources management among the six countries through which the Mekong flows. The ecological crisis affects rice agriculture and impacts food security for Singapore as well. To mitigate the crisis, it is important to consider habitat restoration, stricter regulations on pollution, transboundary water agreements and participatory conservation.

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