Published on 03 Jul 2024

Centre for Assessment & Evaluation (CAE): Visit from Cambridge and SEAB delegates 2024

On 26 Jun 2024, NIE, had the privilege to host delegates from Cambridge and Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) during the Cambridge Consultative Meeting (CCM). It was held at the Science of Learning Education Centre (SoLEC), NIE, block 7. 

(Presentation from the CCM event)

Dr Tay Hui Yong (CAE, Head of Assessment Team) briefed the visitors on CAE’s role within NIE, focusing on advancing expertise in Assessment and Evaluation through research, teaching and outreach aimed at improving local teaching practices and beyond. 

This was followed by Dr Wong Hwei Ming (CAE Assessment Research Strand Leader) who shared insights into how the CORE Research Programme advanced educational practices in Singapore’s mainstream schools through rigorous data collection and analysis.  Various studies conducted over an extended period helped bring about changed practices to enhance students’ conceptual, metacognitive and classroom participation.  

About CAE:

Serving one of the five NIE’s Strategic Growth Areas (SGA), CAE is a one-stop hub and catalyst for research and teaching in Assessment and Evaluation (AE) in NIE, with the aim of encouraging greater growth in these two areas. Find out more about us at our website: 

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