Published on 06 May 2021

Assoc Prof Leong Yew Hoong Gives Invited Plenary Talk

Assoc Prof Leong Yew Hoong, Assoc Prof at the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group, NIE, was invited to give a plenary talk at the 2021 International Society for Design and Development Virtual Conference on 24 March 2021.

Assoc Prof Leong’s talk was titled “Design of Replacement Units in the context of teacher professional development”. He covered the praxis of a Replacement Unit (RU) framework in curriculum design that is specially tailored for helping low achievers in mathematics he and his team developed in his projects “NA: Improvement of Learning, Innovations in Teaching (NA: ILIT)” and Mathematical Progress and Value for Everyone (MProVE). Assoc Prof Leong also shared examples of actual instructional tasks that were designed with the teachers.