Published on 10 Dec 2021

Assoc Prof Lee Ngan Hoe Invited to Speak on Metacognition

On 8 October, 2021, Assoc Prof Lee Ngan Hoe, from NIE’s Mathematics & Mathematics Education Academic Group, was invited by the Pedagogical Excellence Branch (PXB) of the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), Ministry of Education (Singapore) to share about research findings from a project he is Principal Investigator on.

The project, titled “Paving the Way towards Lifewide and Lifelong Learning: Exploring and Fostering Metacognition for Learning and Transfer” researches metacognition for teaching and learning in Singapore. This presentation, made as part of PXB’s year-end review sharing, was attended by 60 Master Teachers and Academy Officers. Titled “Metacognition for Teaching and Learning: Developments, Observations, & Reflections”, the presentation touched on the development of the metacognition construct, its emphasis in the Singapore syllabus documents, how metacognitive activities are measured, and NIE’s attempts in addressing metacognition more holistically and objectively. In support of PXB’s (AST) emphasis on having all subjects under its wings to address metacognition in teaching and learning, Assoc Prof Lee also proposed how teachers can address metacognition in their practice.