Published on 28 Oct 2021

Assoc Prof Lee Ngan Hoe Gives a Keynote Address and Two Presentations on Constructivist Learning Design

Assoc Prof Lee Ngan Hoe, from NIE’s Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group, gave a keynote address and two presentations at the “Optimizing Participative and Collaborative Learning” online conference, organised by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Bandung Indonesia from 14 to 18 September 2021.

The focus of Assoc Prof Lee’s presentations was on the development of case methods for teaching and learning using constructivist theories and constructivist driven approaches, based on research from his project on “Constructivist Learning Design for Singapore Secondary Mathematics Curriculum”. In his keynote and subsequent presentations, Assoc Prof Lee highlighted the Constructivist Learning Design (CLD) that he developed as an example of a constructivist approach that could be leveraged for the fulfilment of case methods in teaching and learning.  He provided insights into the rationale of the CLD, its demonstrated validity, described the issues and challenges in implementing the CLD, and provided his reflections on the lessons drawn from CLD for the implementation of case methods in the classroom.