Message from Our Staff: Dear Class of 2019

By Assistant Professor Endean Tan, Senior House Tutor (Alexander Fleming House)

Do you remember when you first thought of becoming a doctor? The struggles, anxiety, uncertainty in the lead-up to just the Multiple Mini Interviews; then the uphill battle learning a subject which demands knowledge, physical examination, communication and procedural skills, patience (no pun intended), judgement and maturity; the final exam and the release of results?

Well, you've made it! You now embark on one of the greatest journeys in life. You will work hard, learn a lot, sharpen those already incredible talents you have, but now with a new weight upon your shoulders – your profession. Your responsibility to your patients, peers and society.

Even as you will officially graduate in July and continue on your PGY1, remember that those who helped get you to where you are will always be with you, alongside you, to guide, nurture and sculpt you.

Each of you have a vibrant spirit, a strength of purpose, a force that has just been unleashed. I am so proud of you to have come so far and can't wait to see what you will achieve. But let these achievements be personal victories over your limitations and your pride. Reserve your external energies for the good of your patients. I guarantee you that each one will hope you are the best doctor they will ever meet. And knowing you – I am sure you will be incredibly successful in this, as in all your endeavours.