Course Code: ES4911
Course Description:
This is an advanced seismology course, and as such it builds on the foundations and theory that you, the student, will have been exposed to in geophysical courses. Because it is an advanced course, the aim is to get you to think critically and to apply your knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations, rather than just memorize facts. As such, you will be introduced to a series of fundamental seismological topics including (1) basic concepts in seismology (2) seismic waves and synthetic seismograms, (3), seismic tomography (4) seismic source theory and (5) Retrieval of Seismic Source Parameters. A large part of the course will also be doing a class project on a topic in seismology
Year Taken: Year 3 and 4

Prerequisites: MH1800 Calculus for the Sciences I OR MH1802 Calculus for the Sciences, ES2001 Computational Earth Systems Science, PH1801 Foundation of Physics I & MH1200 Linear Algebra

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Course coordinator: Asst Prof Wei Shengji

Office Location: N2-01A-06