E2S2 Biosphere

Course Code: ES2003

 This class will provide the students with a basic introduction to biological systems and to the origin and evolution of life on our planet, its distribution and the importance of maintaining biodiversity. Teaching material in this course aims at giving second year students a general introduction to the integrated biological and environmental aspects of life on earth with a focus on ecology and conservation. It will highlight some of the key issues with the contemporary world, and how solutions may be found. Throughout the class there will be a focus on the relationships between biological and non-biological components of ecosystems and on the effects of human activity on the biosphere, including, but not limited, to the effects on biodiversity, climate change sustainability and water availability.


Year Taken: Year 2

Next Offered: Sem 2

Course OBTL


Course Instructor: Asst Prof Kelly Andersen

Email: kelly.andersen@ntu.edu.sg

Office Location: N2-01c-69